Windows Phone camp @ Taj Vivanta on 29 feb2012

Camp organised by Technopark mobile dev community, Momo was mostly pointing on New Windows Phone 7 OS which is windows answer to android and iOS . One of the speaker told a stat that by 2015, windows will take over 21% of market share and come second to android which will then be 49%. They were 3 guys from microsoft, I would rather say evangelists; they told about various features Windows Phone is offering and to a more extend going through the disadvantages of Android and iOS. They really highlighted about the New UI design engine they are introducing, what they call Metro which means Modern and Clean. Metro presents user with tiles, they say its dynamic tiles but I am bit confused about the dynamicity property for custom applications because for dynamic animated notifications on the so called tile there has to be webservice to the back-end to fetch the info, so what if there are so many tiles and for that say so many back-end calls, it will become a heavy load for the mobile na,what you say?. Also I certainly think this is not a innovation from their part but something different to iOS kind UI design that is followed by top branded smart phone vendors that we see nowadays, where user is presented with lot of icons ;because we have seen these tile kinda design already from them in windows media center. The music player feature gives us a wow feeling that’s for sure, he showed us the windows phone music player ie Zune player what they call fetched the lyrics of the song while the song was playing, to be frank that song was awesome, he said it is his favourite song, song from Carnival of Rust(Poets of fall). The lyrics fetcher is a 3rd party app called musixmatch, who has a DB of almost all songs, but the irony was it failed when he searched for Kolaveri lyrics, an indian viral song sung by one of my favourite actor
Dhanush.The windows phone basically comes with different hubs: People hub, which contains all social networking integration, did I say all, sorry not all but top branded social networking spaces like facebook, twitter,flickr etc; Office hub, which has the ever shining Office applications from windows;App hub, where all other apps resides. What I think about this new approach by windows is they giving a environment for user’s needs and not seperating any similar things , ie bringing similar agenda apps under one umbrella ie hubs. Also the speaker referred the current scenario of sharing a image on facebook in Android and iOS which involves taking picture from camera and get it uploaded from facebook app is like getting out from house, going outside and coming back to home.
The first session of the camp focused on the windows phone features and app development. Windows I think is trying to draw boundaries between the application which is using Silverlight framework and game which is using Xna framework, which I think is a strategy to catch new trend that market swallows, ya Im talking about game development. To start with we had a Hello world app then a simple cheese placer game. He showed a tank game where I was able to guess this new xna game framework rendering is fast and reliable. The UI design is a xaml based and the appliation installable is a xamp file.
Second and last session was more of marketing application, ui guidelines and the really annoying restrictions imposed by them what they say is to prevent malicious apps circulating in their app store. Actually there is already a first round of testing tool in the developing IDE, ie visual studio if you have chosen windows phone 7.1 plateform. But I think that’s more of application manifest level kinda check. Also they say they have strict piracy policies like you cant distribute the app other than from their app store, ya over the air distribution like jad file is a question they should answer. They told about a hack or magic they can make from their side to help the developer distribute the installable within the team during the development stage. They have a enterprise app store solution as well where the download link gets mailed to all members in that group. The application life cycle of a windows app includes basically 4 stages, Running, deactivated, dormant, and activated. If you press a back key from the second screen it will navigate to first and if pressed from first it goes to dormant or it frees memory. If another application is called when running a application, current app goes to background and actuated stage and the developer needs needs to take care of the current application state and decide whether to save it on memory or handle with a file, that’s upto the developer to decide.
The QA section was really informative, it had some wonderful questions from my fellow folks what I would say who were there with me. One of the guy asked why windows does not support gif images, they couldn’t make a convincing answer, they told like gif gives lossy rendering of image, so they just avoided it. To be frank, blackberry, ya that semi smart phone also does not support gif image. One guy asked whether that lyrics that is populated based on the song playing is actually recognizing the music and lyrics scrolling based on the song progress, speaker told he really had that dream but not at this point, what to say people’s expectation levels have really raised and it is going to be nightmare for the mob dev community. There was a question whether a custom app can be added to the people hub, say a new social networking space, the answer was a noo. There was a question about pricing, it is $99 an year for 100 free apps and unlimited paid apps for an account.
In between the First and Second session, I must say there was a tasty session of lunch. I enjoyed that session the most to be honest. That included all veg and non-veg Indian food items. It was a terrible feeling to see the chicken and fish which was to be served laugh while I passed besides them because I was in a lend period where I am not supposed to eat non-veg. The dessert was delicious.
I think I should conclude this by saying that this is one of the best camps I have ever attempted. Thanks to Microsoft and a big thanks to Momo, the event organizer. I think Mobile Monday, Momo is doing a great job bringing in big guns to Trivandrum. I have my good wish and will for them. To stop there was a punch line from one of the speaker, it was “When we introduced Windows Mobile OS, it was a copy of windows desktop os, but now Windows 8 desktop os is a copy of windows phone os “. So don’t count our old mighty windows low on this mobile world, they may be a emerging brand, but the features they offer is there to stay.


February 29, 2012

Vivanta Taj

C V Raman Pillai Road, Trivandrum



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