Alappuzha Beach

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A few years ago, you could walk some distance out to Arabian Sea at Alappuzha beach in kerala, on the wooden boards of the dock, and see the blue waters through the clefts. The ebullient waves would then tell you a story, of the proud ‘Venice of the East’ that was once the gateway to Kerala, much before Kochi signed off as a harbour of choice. Over the pages of history, Alappuzha dropped its past and blended with the future, more like an oil film, floating on the surface of water, while shielding cultural treasures deep inside its heart. Everything about this town flaunts that by gone feeling – the colonial era government mansions, still grand and graceful despite the years, the canals, green and coated with weeds, filled with boats carrying hay or bananas. Enjoy Alleppey beach vacations in Kerala India.

Alappuzha’s eternal motif, its sea, however remained as attractive as it was before and dangerous in equal measure – knocking angrily as it did during the tsunami of 26 December 2004, which eventually created a news stir, before shattering into white bubbles of penitence. Visit during sunset and you’ll find the same sea quitely jostling against the pure white sands, its waters abundant with catch for the fisherfolk. The shades of green also reflect themselves in the shimmering backwaters, the region is famous for. After meeting the roaring sea, you can enjoy a lifetime boat cruise on the emerald backwaters by a romantic night, the famous attractions of Alappuzha beach.

Beach Attractions : Lakes, Lagoons Open Sea,
Around Alapuzzha : Arthunkal – 22 km,
Cherthala – 20 km,Vayalar – 2 km.
To Shop : Sea Shells, Handicraft Items made
from Seashells.
Getting There : Nearest Airport –
Kochi International Airport – 85 km.Nearest Rail – Alapuzzha – 5 km.
Don’t Miss : Meeting the Sailors of Allapuzha and
watch them catch Fish.
Inside Tip : Take precautions while indulging in
Sea Sports. Seek the help of our Guides.
Activities : Sunbath on Beaches, Boat Cruise,
Fishing, Backwater Destination Cruise.
Must Watch : Nehru Trophy Boat Race.
Where to Eat : Hotel Green Corner, Hotel Aaryas,
Gujarathi Street, Kalpakavadi Inn.
Staying Options : Marari Beach Resort, Alleppey Beach
Resort, Alleppey Prince Hotel, Marari Beach Home, Anamika The Villa,
GowriHeritage Home.

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  1. Seems like Alappuzha has some pretty nice sunsets!

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